The constant additions of new programs and new methods, updates and consideration of changes is almost unbearable for some agencies.  Home Health has been hit really hard since 2008 and no relief seems to be coming.   Value Based Purchasing, Pre-Claim Review, New CoPs, OASIS-C2, ICD-10 CM and now possibly major changes to the Prospective Payment System in regard to reimbursement.

Some of the new CoPs highlights include:

  • Comprehensive patient rights condition of participation that clearly enumerates the rights of patients and the steps that must be taken to assure those rights
  • Expanded comprehensive patient assessment requirement that focuses on all aspects of patient well-being
  • Requirement that assures that patients and caregivers have written information about upcoming visits, medication instructions, treatments administered, instructions for care, and contact information for an HHA clinical manager
  • Requirement for an integrated communication system that ensures patient needs are identified and addressed, care is coordinated among all disciplines, and active communication between the HHA and the patient’s physician(s)
  • Requirement for a data-driven, agency-wide quality assessment and performance improvement program that continually evaluates and improves agency care for all patients at all times
  • New infection prevention and control requirement that focuses on the use of standard infection control practices and patient/caregiver education and teaching
  • Streamlined skilled professional services requirement that focuses on appropriate patient care activities and supervision across all disciplines
  • Expanded patient care coordination requirement that makes a licensed clinician responsible for all patient care services
  • Revisions to simplify the organizational structure of HHAs while continuing to allow parent agencies and their branches
  • New personnel qualifications for HHA administrators and clinical managers

In order for agencies to stay on top of all this and truly THRIVE in home health they need strategies and best practices and a level of comfort that they are doing all they can do.  Join us in Houston for a one-day class that will be full of best practices and strategies to help your agency THRIVE in the current environment and not simply survive.  See the information below for registration.