Home Care Billing

Agencies are in control when they outsource their billing to HPS. We can bill and collect for all your payers, just Medicare, or just Non-Medicare. The decision is yours. We will customize a billing proposal that meets your needs.

Healthcare Provider Solutions has extensive knowledge and experience billing and collecting for Medicare PPS, other episodic payers, Medicare Advantage plans, commercial and private insurance payers, veteran administration plans and state Medicaid programs. Below we have provided an overview of the services provided in our home care billing package.

Learn why HPS is an industry leader in Home Care billing services directly from Aaron Carey, COO

Here are just a few benefits of outsourcing your billing to HPS.

Electronic billing when possible to accelerate your payments.

Prompt claim denial management.

All payments validated for accuracy.

Daily Medicare T-Status and ADR monitoring.

Payer setup and maintenance in your software.

Billing and clinical compliance with Medicare regulations are critical.  HPS has incorporated the following processes into our billing and collection agreements:

Billing compliance audits performed on all Medicare final claims.

ICD-10 codes reviewed for medical necessity support.

Annual on-site clinical compliance audit performed at no additional cost.

Access to clinical and compliance experts when questions arise.

HPS believes you can most effectively manage your business when you have accurate reporting related to billing and collections. We provide several reports related to the billing and collection function:

Daily Medicare billing reports reflecting claims billed and all unbilled claims.

Monthly “Overdue” claims reports provided to show the status of all due but unpaid claims.

Billing reports provided as payers other than Medicare are billed.

Upon request, HPS will prepare a monthly accounts receivable reconciliation report that summarizes and reconciles your revenue cycle activity and provides valuable episode and admissions statistics along with revenue, accounts receivable, and cash collection stats and trends. This monthly package includes a journal entry that can be customized to your chart of accounts for quick monthly revenue cycle activity posting into your general ledger system.


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