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Receive reliable assistance from our experienced certified coders to ensure accurate OASIS documentation with our outsourced OASIS review service.

Ensure Accurate OASIS Documentation

The Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) collects information about home care patient’s health and functional status. The resulting documentation is used to inform Medicare about the appropriate care needed. Incorrect OASIS-E scores can negatively affect compliance and reimbursement.

Healthcare Provider Solutions completes industry-leading OASIS and clinical documentation assessments and reviews for the home care space. We assess your current process, documentation, and results to make recommendations that will make your clinicians better documenters. Accurate OASIS documentation affects claims, reimbursement, and clinical outcomes. Make sure you have a knowledgeable team on your side.

Extra Resources: OASIS-E 5-Part Training Series

This OASIS-E Training Series is for new and seasoned OASIS clinicians alike! OASIS-E is a complex data assessment set for Home Health which has had a huge update with OASIS-E that will go into effect January 2023.  Having a thorough understanding of the OASIS-E guidance and conventions as well as the intent for each OASIS item is foundational to the accurate completion of OASIS-E. We take it one step further by incorporating information on how to accurately carry out the patient assessment to obtain the most accurate scores.

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Start Improving Your Clinical Home Health Care Documentation Process

Our experienced specialists are certified RNs with the ability to quickly and accurately evaluate the quality of your current OASIS process.

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