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Outsource home health coding to HPS to boost your agency’s clinical compliance.

Correct Coding Directly Impacts Home Health Agency Success

At Healthcare Provider Solutions, our US-based coders understand the critical role that correct coding plays in maintaining the financial health of agencies. Our coding department is staffed by a team of experienced and industry-leading specialists, all of whom are certified RNs. By outsourcing your coding needs to our specialists, you can ensure that your agency’s coding process is elevated to the highest level of accuracy and clinical compliance. This, in turn, directly impacts your agency’s ability to receive appropriate reimbursement.

After careful review of your current coding needs, an HPS solution will include our core coding services:

  • Comprehensive Review of Start of Care, Recertification, and Resumption
  • OASIS & Clinical Documentation Recommendations
  • Collaborate with Clinicians to Assign Appropriate Patient Diagnosis Codes

Coding & OASIS Review Audit

Coding & OASIS Review Audits will be conducted by HPS to ensure compliance and to identify issues that warrant additional training. HPS will review the charts for documentation and comprehensive assessment to support ICD-10 coding compliance and OASIS responses.

As a part of this review, we will be able to identify various clinical knowledge weaknesses in your staff regarding current Home Health regulations with a focus on specific forms supporting claims, required face-to-face documentation and both individual and clinical team documentation.

From this review we will be able to determine if there are any issues that may need to be addressed with coding team.  In addition, there will be calculations to determine if reimbursement is impacted by the coding corrections that need to be made.

The review will be conducted remotely with the Agency access to the EMR system. 

A detail report of the specific compliance issues noted during the review will be issued upon completion of the reviews with a summary of the findings. We recommend a conference call be setup after the Agency has reviewed the report to discuss the findings from the reviews. HPS will assist in the creation of a corrective action plan, if required.

HPS Client Coding Portal

HPS strives to improve the communication and information we provide our customers. As a partner with your agency, our responsibility is to ensure that we are doing everything possible to help you succeed. The HPS Portal allows our clients to see the status of coding in real-time, access coding and OASIS reviews, securely communicate with our team, and so much more.

Clinical & Regulatory Home Care Resources

As part of our commitment to be your total home care agency resource, our clinical and regulatory departments also ensure that regulatory coding standards are met. The educational component to our services empowers agencies to truly thrive. Our experienced clinical team offers structured educational programs to increase agency competency on QI, QAPI, regulations, laws, general coding, assist in accreditation, and more.

  • Ensure Efficient Regulatory Practices
  • Conduct Mock Surveys
  • Develop Detailed Action Plans
  • Assist with ACHC, CHAP or TJC Accreditation
  • Provide Staff Education on Regulations & Laws
  • Provide Ongoing Support to the Management Staff
  • Review Clinical Records for QI and Coding.

Coding Education for Long Term Agency Success

HPS offers many educational seminars, webinars, and courses that can be tailored to your organization’s needs. A large variety of programs are available, including but not limited to: Continued Survey Readiness, Compliance Updates, Quality Improvement/ QAPI, Competency Program, ICD-10 Diagnosis Coding, OASIS Classes, and many more. Explore our events below for upcoming sessions, or schedule a call to start taking control of your coding process today.

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Why Agencies Choose HPS

“Melinda, Mark, and their staff are professional, honest, responsive, and true thought leaders. Their expertise enabled our agency to realize significant cash flow improvements and clinically focused operational advancements.”

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“It’s so reassuring to have experts managing our accounts and know that it’s being done ethically and ‘by the book.’ Our days in AR have never been so low. “

Home Care Agency Director

“HPS helped me reduce my aging by $140,601. Thank you sounds kind of hollow for such a feat, so I will capitalize it: THANK YOU!”

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Healthcare Provider Solutions proudly affiliates with the national Home Care & Hospice Associations and many state associations.

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