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AHHC 2020 Virtual Leadership Conference

Speaker(s): Melinda A. Gaboury, CEO

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AHHC 2020 Virtual Leadership Conference Sep 28 - Sep 30, 2020
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About the Event

Home Care, Home Health, and Hospice Professionals: The First-ever 2020 AHHC Virtual Conference will take place on September 28-30! Join us for 2 and a half days filled with riveting general sessions, CME and Nurse Contact Hours, timely breakout sessions, networking opportunities with peers, speakers, and sponsors, and fun! Yes, FUN!

Speaker: Melinda A. Gaboury
Wednesday, September 30, 2020 | 10:15am-11:15am | E4: Hospice Documentation

Accurate hospice eligibility documentation is critical to fulfilling the CoPs and payment requirements. The lack of supporting documentation for a terminal prognosis is the number one reason for denial. Reviewers often look for a significant decline in patient condition. Although this is not a requirement of hospice care, the terminal prognosis is. This session will help clinicians document the slightest changes in baseline measures. More importantly, you’ll learn how to capture in the documentation the occurring changes that support terminal prognosis – even without a decline in baseline measures. Go beyond the LCDs and common tools for documenting eligibility by drilling down to the details and characteristics that differentiate terminal and chronic patients with the same diagnosis.

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