The IPR will serve as the first official Interim Performance Reports for the 2023 VBP Expansion. These IPRs will incorporate achievement thresholds and benchmarks from 2022, which were determined in the final rule last year as the baseline year for 2023. It is crucial not to mistake these for the pre-implementation reports you have been receiving in iQIES prior to this implementation. The Preliminary reports, or PIPR, that you’ve been obtaining were based on 2019 benchmarks and thresholds since the 2022 data was not accessible yet. The 2022 achievement thresholds and benchmarks will play a vital role in comprehending your position relative to other agencies in your cohort.  

The IPR reports scheduled for release in July will be preceded by a preliminary version. Upon its arrival in the system, you will have a 15-day window to request a recalculation if you believe your figures are inaccurate. However, you must provide evidence to support your claim that the information is incorrect. The Value-Based Purchasing June newsletter contains details, along with links directing you to the appropriate submission platform for recalculation requests.  

The IPR reports will closely resemble the pre-implementation reports you’ve been examining. Located in the iQIES system, these reports will feature calculations comparing your agency to others in your cohort and present computed outcome measure results. Moreover, an interim Total Performance Score will be included. It is crucial to understand that this score is genuinely preliminary, and your final Total Performance Score (TPS) will depend on your overall performance throughout 2023. The final reports, which will determine your standing, are not scheduled for release until August 2024.  

Please be aware that the IPR reports will encompass data from a 12-month rolling period. The OASIS data will incorporate the first three months of 2023 and nine months of 2022. Meanwhile, the data for claims-based measures and HHCAHPS measures will rely solely on the 12 months of 2022. The IPR reports will differ from the pre-implementation reports you previously examined due to the incorporation of 2022 data as the official baseline year for achievement thresholds and benchmarks.  

It is crucial to thoroughly examine these reports and identify the specific components of the Value-Based Purchasing model that pose challenges for your agency, as this will help you determine where to concentrate your improvement efforts. To achieve a positive outcome in the payment calculation, you must rank at or above the 51st percentile. By consistently monitoring your individual outcome measure results, you can track your standing within the 51st percentile or higher and make informed decisions about where to focus your attention.  

Should you have any further questions regarding the reports or Value-Based Purchasing overall, and if HPS can assist you, please feel free to get in touch.   

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