In today’s discussion, we need to address a crucial subject – advocacy. Over the past few years, our Home Health and Hospice sector has faced several challenges, including decreases in rates, changes in regulations, and the introduction of the Home Health Value-Based Purchasing Model. Adding to this, the global pandemic, which has further complicated our situation.    

We ask that you join us in Washington, DC on March 27 and 28 to participate in high-level advocacy efforts. The event is called the March on Washington and is primarily sponsored by the National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC). Your presence is crucial as you will have the opportunity to meet with your representatives in Washington and share your first-hand experiences about how their daily decisions affect your ability to provide effective care for your patients.  As you are all aware, the rate changes, particularly for Home Health, have had a severe impact. This, coupled with other challenges, such as the difficulty in hiring new staff and retaining the current ones, has made things even more challenging in many regions across the country. We need for your voice to be heard.   

NAHC held a webinar on February 23rd, focusing on grassroots advocacy. If you missed it, we urge you to review it. We are thrilled with the number of individuals who have already registered for the event. A briefing will take place on the March 27 from 4PM to 7PM, and you can find details about the location by clicking here. March 28 is the day that you will March on Washington and meet with your representatives to share the impact on your agencies.  

Some people have the misconception that the efforts of the national association and state associations are enough. However, the truth is that your individual input regarding the impact of the decisions that your representatives are making is crucial. It is essential that they hear directly from the agencies that provide daily care to patients, to truly understand the impact of their decisions. Your individual stories and advocacy are critical in getting the necessary responses and actions.  

As we strive to support and safeguard your reimbursement and rights as home health and hospice providers, we are committed to serving you. If Healthcare Provider Solutions can help you, please contact us 

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