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MHHA Virtual Annual Conference

Speaker(s): Melinda A. Gaboury, CEO

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Speaker(s): Melinda A. Gaboury, CEO

MHHA Virtual Annual Conference May 13
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Speaker: Melinda A. Gaboury, CEO
Thursday, May 13 | 2:15 PM – 3:45 PM | 2021 & Beyond – RAP Phase Out

There are significant changes that are going to occur in 2021 and 2022 with the Phasing out of the RAP and the introduction of the Notice of Admission. RAPs will have NO associated reimbursement in 2021, but will carry a monetary penalty if not filed timely. The Notice of Admission completely eliminates that RAP and carries a penalty that could erase all payments for the entire time you have cared for the patient! Where are we with RAPs at this point and what is the needed preparation for 2022’s NOA?

1. Detail the 2021 RAP requirements, including timeliness parameters – where are we to this point
2. Provide update on the 2022 Notice of Admission
3. Review the necessity of a backup plan, in case your EMR fails.