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HCLA/HCAF Webinar Home Health Revenue Cycle Series – Intake – Where Revenue Cycle Begins

Speaker(s): Melinda A. Gaboury, CEO

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Speaker(s): Melinda A. Gaboury, CEO

About the Speaker(s)

Melinda A. Gaboury, with more than 30 years in home care, has over 22 years of executive speaking and educating experience, including extensive day to day interaction with home care and hospice professionals. She routinely conducts Home Care and Hospice Reimbursement Workshops and speaks at state association meetings throughout the country.  Melinda has profound experience in Medicare PDGM training, billing, collections, case-mix calculations, chart reviews and due diligence. UPIC, RA, ADR & TPE appeals with all Medicare MACs have become the forefront of Melinda’s current impact on the industry. She is currently serving as the Chair of the NAHC/HHFMA Advisory Board and Work Group and is currently serving on the Board of Directors for both the Home Care Association of Florida & Tennessee Association for Home Care. Melinda is also the author of the Home Health OASIS Guide to OASIS-E  and Home Health Billing Answers, 2023.

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HCLA/HCAF Webinar Home Health Revenue Cycle Series – Intake – Where Revenue Cycle Begins Apr 11
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CST

About the Event

This webinar series will take agencies through every phase of the home health revenue cycle and touch on elements that are specific to maintaining efficiency as well as ensuring that you are reimbursed the appropriate amounts.  All staff members of your Revenue Cycle should be present – beginning with Intake, clinicians, administration, billing & collections.  Don’t miss out on the details that have prohibited appropriate reimbursement in the past.

April 11         Intake – Where Revenue Cycle Begins

Intake is where is all begins.  Join us for this session where details of all elements that need to be considered at Intake will be reviewed and the deficits that result when we don’t start this process off correctly!

May 9           Eligibility & Establishing the Correct Payer

Who is going to pay the bill?  This session will give agencies detail insight into the world of establishing the correct payer.   How often should eligibility be  reviewed?

June 13        Notice of Admission (NOA) – Key Components for Effectiveness

The NOA is the most critical component of the home health billing process and cannot be avoided.  Join us to review the details of getting the NOA filed timely and the full exceptions request process when the NOA is late.

July 11         Traditional Medicare Billing – The PreBill Review

What must be in place before you file the 30-day final claims for Medicare?  This session will take you through the pre-bill audit process and help you to determine if the EMR you are utilizing is efficient in the elements of these requirements that they claim to be.

August 8      Traditional Medicare Billing – The 30-Day Final Claim

We are at the end of the billing period.  Are we confident that the information for calculation of payment is accurate?  Do we have all the required elements reflected on the claim?  Are you reporting non-routine supplies and telehealth services on the claim?

Sept 12        PEPPER – The Direct Impact of Billing on PEPPER Data

This session will take agencies through each target that is calculated on the PEPPER reports and the details that are utilized from your 30-day claims in order to get to those percentages.  Who should review PEPPER in your agency and what should they do with the results?

Oct 3            Key Elements for Successful Payment with Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage appears to be taking over the Medicare program.  Are you equipped to get the most reimbursement possible from a MA plan?  This session will take agencies through the questions to ask with being credentialed with a MA plan and how to deal with billing issues.

Nov 14         Home Health Final Rule Review

The 2024 Final Rule is sure to be loaded with twists and turns, especially surrounding rates and the points used to calculate the PDGM HIPPS code for billing.  Don’t miss the most recent updates in PDGM for 2024.

Dec 12         How Value Based Purchasing May Impact Future Payments

This session will review the most recent statistics in the Home Health Value Based Purchasing Expansion.  Where do you rank?  Will there be positive or negative reimbursement repercussions?  What will the VBP model look like in 2024?