The newly released October 2023 IPR reports for the Home Health Value-Based Purchasing Model provides an additional three months of valuable information compared to the July reports. There is now a total of six months of OASIS data from 2023, and six months of data from 2022. For claims and HHCAHPS, there are three months of data from 2023, and nine months of data from 2022.  

Many agencies expected to see an increase in their scores with the release of the new reports, however that has not been the case. Agencies need to be aware that if their overall total performance score is not in the 51st percentile or higher, a reduction in your payments in 2025 could occur as 2025 is the payment year being impacted by the current performance year. 

A careful review of individual percentile rankings for each measure, detailed in the report, should be conducted. As a result, agencies can specifically focus on any outcome measures that fall below the 51st percentile.  

Working with these reports can be a challenge, especially when the data content is so far behind. The software systems that agencies are using try to keep agencies as current as they can, even if they may not be 100% accurate compared to the actual reports. However, they can be helpful with more current data, particularly when it comes to OASIS items. 

Agencies should be aware that substantial changes are anticipated for the Value-Based Purchasing model in 2025. The changes expected include shifting the baseline year for comparison to 2023, meaning your current actions will be the basis for comparison to what agencies accomplish in the performance year of 2025.  

Additionally, significant changes will be made to the measures, and the percentile that the measures impact your Total Performance Score. Therefore, agencies must educate themselves about these upcoming changes and be attentive to any additional education provided regarding the changes. 

Should you require any assistance with interpreting your IPR reports, identifying areas that require your attention, or obtaining further education in specific areas, please feel free to contact Healthcare Provider Solutions 

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* For the October 2023 IPRs, Total Normalized Composite (TNC) Change in Mobility and TNC Change in Self-Care are frozen and cover the following time period: April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023.