This minute covers some of the changes for the Home Health Proposed Rule that were released on June 21st.

Hello Everyone and Welcome to our Monday Minute. I hope you all had a great Fourth of July weekend celebration and are ready to start your week off with some regulatory changes. As you all know, I’m sure most of you anyway, on June 21st, the Home Health Proposed Rule for January 2022 was released. That Proposed Rule includes massive changes primarily to rates and they have also revamped all of the Case Mix weights corresponding to the 432 HIPPS code categories. In addition to that, they have finalized, in a proposed form, what we expected, and that is that Value Based Purchasing will be implemented nationwide unless this proposal is not finalized as it was proposed. In a separate Monday Minute, we will hit the highlights of the Value Based Purchasing model as it will roll out nationwide. We are going to experience a 1.8% increase in the rates, at least at this point. They are making some slight changes to the LUPA Add-on and there are many Quality Reporting changes that have been proposed. Like we experienced with the Hospice Proposed Rule and them putting a couple of things in there for Home Health, they have actually put a couple of things for Hospice in this Home Health Proposed Rule. Those will be detailed, of course, in our full blown analysis in our blog, and in the webinar that we have scheduled for the Proposed Rule later in July.

As always, your State and Home Care Associations are a very vital part of you staying up to date on these regulations. So please make sure that you do that. The National Association already had a recap webinar of the Proposed Rule and will be having some more detailed webinars come out as we proceed. It does have a 60-day comment period, which is toward the end of August. So be working on all your comments to submit yourself or to submit through your State or the National Home Care Association. Thank you all again for listening today. We are going to provide links with this Monday Minute that include the regulation itself and a couple of key webinars that you will want to participate in. I hope you have a fabulous week and I hope to see you this summer at a live conference near you.


CMS Proposes Calendar Year 2022 Home Health Prospective Payment System Rate Update


HPS Alliance Webinar: Home Health Proposed Rule

Thursday, July 15, 2021 | 11:00am – 12:30 pm CDT


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