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Liz Landreth, BSN, RN, COS-C, HCS-D

Clinical Consultant

Liz Landreth is an OASIS & Coding Certified Registered Nurse who joined Healthcare Provider Solutions, Inc. (HPS), as a Clinical Consultant, in April 2019. With twenty five years of healthcare experience, including 23 years of specific Home Care experience, Liz brings proven clinical leadership to the HPS team.

Landreth is part of the clinical consulting team providing support and solutions to home health and hospice agencies across the country to achieve regulatory compliance.

Landreth has worked as the Branch Director for a major healthcare company. She was responsible for leading the Home Health Brand through conditional surveys, focused medical reviews and diagnosing and resolving individual branch issues.

Landreth has also worked with a privately owned home care, hospice and private duty agency, where she started out as a staff RN and worked her way up to COO. Her experience includes writing policies and procedures, performing startups and providing leadership through several acquisitions and due diligence processes.

Liz has experience in the following key areas:

  • Quality and Performance Improvement
  • Day-to-Day Operations for Home Health
  • Developing Clinical Processes
  • Business Operations and Development
  • CERT & UPIC Audit Chart Reviews
  • Targeted Probe and Educate Chart Reviews
  • Clinical Onsite Reviews for Billing and Compliance
  • Clinical Chart Reviews as a result of OIG Corporate Integrity Agreements

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