Today, we’re going to delve into some recent changes concerning the billing of home health claims.  

The first change is a regulation that was implemented in July 2023. The second change is a proposed adjustment in the Home Health Proposed Rule for 2024. As of July 2023, it became mandatory to indicate telehealth services on your claims when such services are provided to the patient. It’s important to remember that Face-to-Face encounters are not billable services and should never be included in the home health claims. However, if the patient benefits from two-way audio-video telehealth services, audio-only telehealth services, or under remote patient monitoring, there are three specific G Codes to use. These codes were optional before July 1, 2023, but they are now mandatory.  

It’s crucial that you include these telehealth services in your claims. Although they won’t boost your reimbursement currently, we’re hopeful that the data collected will soon lead to telehealth reimbursement under the Medicare benefit for home health.  

Secondly, in the proposed regulations for 2024, the Disposable Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) treatments which are currently billed under the 324 bill type will see a change. At present, the clinician’s service in changing the disposable device and the device itself are billed on 324 bill type and paid separately. However, starting January 2024, this service will be reported on your standard Medicare Home Health claim. The nursing visits will be considered just another nursing visit reported on your claim and will be compensated under the HIPPS code payment. The device will be itemized on the claim as a separate line item and it will be paid separately in addition to your HIPPS code amount.  

This represents a significant shift for those who have been correctly billing the Disposable Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) devices. It’s crucial that this information reaches your billing department. Although it’s a proposed rule at the moment, we anticipate it will be finalized.  

Should you require any help with your home health billing, feel free to contact Healthcare Provider Solutions. We’re always ready to assist you.  

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