Today, our topic of discussion is the unveiling of the preview reports for the Home Health Quality Reporting Program, set to refresh the data on the Care Compare site in January 2024. The dates for the data utilized for the information on the Care Compare site were distorted due to certain time periods being omitted from the data during the Public Health Emergency.  Just a few days back, the latest preview reports were released which will contribute to the January 2024 data refresh on the Care Compare site, restoring it to its usual date range. To review detailed information about this refresh, please click here. To review the CMS site for specific information regarding these preview reports, click here.  

The BIMS section of OASIS-E has been an area requiring attention. A concise three-minute video has been launched focusing on the completion of the BIMS segment in OASIS-E. This crucial video is highly recommended to be reviewed and employed by your agency’s field personnel for updating them on how to finalize the elements leading to the BIMS Summary score. It has precisely highlighted the required information you need to properly complete the OASIS-E, especially when an interview needs to be halted in the BIMS section and switched to an incomplete one.  

It’s of utmost importance that you scrutinize your preview reports for the Care Compare refresh scheduled for January 2024, and if needed due to incorrect scores, request a recalculation. Also, as we are all aware, continuous OASIS education is crucial, especially as we navigate through the first year of comprehensive implementation with OASIS-E.  

Ensure you go through that video and share it with your team. As always, if you require any assistance with the preview reports or with education regarding completion of OASIS-E, feel free to reach out to Healthcare Provider Solutions. We’re here to help. 

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