HHCAHPS Star Rating will be updated on the Care Compare site with the January 2023 refresh. It is also found in the preview reports so that you can review exactly what will be posted on the Care Compare site when that update happens. The HHCAHP surveys have outcome measures calculated based on responses from your patients used in these star ratings; also, there are outcome measures from HHCAHPS used in Value-Based Purchasing.   

In both instances, you must have at least 40 surveys returned from your patients for there to be an outcome calculation for Value-Based Purchasing, and for a Star Rating to calculate for the Care Compare site. Understand that the information updated for the January 2023 release will be for the third quarter of 2021 through the second quarter of 2022. The Value-Based Purchasing calculations will be based on a calendar year, so any HHCAHPS survey measures applied to your Total Performance Score (TPS) in Value-Based Purchasing will be based on the surveys returned during the calendar year, January 1 through December 31, 2023. 

Make sure you review your Star Ratings and Value-Based Purchasing TPS. There have been pre-implementation reports put into the iQIES system where you receive CASPER reports that will give you some idea of where you stand compared to the nation with the HHCAHP scores that they have calculated from prior years. This information needs to be reviewed, and you identify any areas you are concerned about the outcome measure calculation results in both the Star Rating and the ongoing Value-Based Purchasing calculations. In some cases, it may be the treatment that your patients are receiving from your caregivers. In other cases, it may be that your caregivers are simply not educating the patients regarding the content or that they are going to receive a survey and how vitally important it is that we get those results. Some agencies have found concern with the vendor they are using for their HHCAHPS surveys as well.  Many points of concern can be identified in the scores, leading you to focus on correction.    

If there’s anything we can do to assist you, don’t hesitate to let us know.