This minute is to make you aware that there are tons of pages in the 2022 Proposed Home Health Rule that are specific to Hospice. HPS will also have upcoming material that will discuss these updates.

Hello Everyone and Welcome to our Monday Minute. I’m coming to you today live from sunny Orlando, Florida, where I’m getting ready to be a part of the first in-person Home Health conference that I’ve been a part of since the Public Health Emergency began last year. We are very, very excited to be in person and be able to see many of you.

Today, in our Minute, I just want to make sure that everyone is aware that there were tons of pages in the 2022 Proposed Home Health Rule that are specific to Hospice. Interesting, I haven’t seen this happen, at least that I remember. In our Hospice Proposed Rule, there was actually a thing for Home Health Quality Reporting and now in the Home Health Proposed Rule, there is a section specific to Hospice. This Hospice section is specific to survey changes that they want to implement, nine, in fact, survey provisions that have been changed or will be changed, if this rule is finalized as it is presented, in the coming years. You want to make sure that your Hospice is aware, make sure that someone goes through those. We have a comment period that ends toward the end of August, so they’re going to want to make sure to participate in that. There are a ton of changes that we will be addressing. The specific changes will be in a coming blog that should be out within the next week or so and we’ll address in a future webinar as well. We will have a specific Hospice webinar to address that, it will not be a part of any Home Health webinar.

Just a quick check-in today to make sure you’re clear that those Hospice survey changes are a part of the Home Health Proposed 2022 Rule, which we are currently in the comment period, and you’ll want to make sure that your Hospice staff have reviewed that, have commented on that and have discussed with their State and National Associations. Thank you again for participating today. And hopefully we will be with you again very soon, if not in-person in some of the virtual conferences that are still going on this year. Have a great day.


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