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THRIVE! Hospice Billing

Speaker(s): Melinda A. Gaboury, CEO

Category: Speaking Engagement

  • This event has passed.
THRIVE! Hospice Billing Nov 03
8:00 am - 3:00 pm CST
Hosted by
Association for Home Care & Hospice Care of North Carolina

About the Event

Changes to the Medicare Hospice Billing Regulations have occurred over the past few years and continue. Is your hospice thriving or just coping? Has your hospice adapted to Payment Reform? Be among the elite group of billers that are current on all Hospice Medicare billing regulations. We all know that billing is a very critical part of hospice reimbursement. This workshop will lay a strong foundation for hospice billers, as well as, any hospice staff that need to more effectively understand the Medicare regulations. If you are part of the billing cycle in your hospice this workshop is a must.
This workshop will review the regulations for billing all hospice services. This workshop will include how to effectively conduct Medicare verifications with HIQA/HETS screen examples, field by field review on Notice of Election and claim forms and sequential billing requirements. The presenter will cover requirements for GIP visits, Inpatient Facility Identification, Post-Mortem Visits, Drugs and Infusion Pumps. A review of the Routine Hospice rates and SIA payments will be conducted. Melinda will clear up any confusion related to face-to-face encounters and home health providing care while a patient is on service with hospice. She will outline the current risks and outline steps to manage that risk and include how to utilize PEPPER report data as a risk management tool. The workshop will conclude with many of the day-to-day scenarios that billers face such as: transfers, discharge, revocation, re-election and room and board.