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OASIS-D: What Does This Mean? – 1 Day Workshop

Speaker(s): Melinda Gaboury

Category: Speaking Engagement

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OASIS-D: What Does This Mean? – 1 Day Workshop Oct 03
8:00 am - 4:00 pm CST
Hosted by
The Tennessee Association for Home Care

About the Event

Over the years OASIS has become the core of everything Home Health! OASIS-D is no different and in fact many changes come with this version. With the implementation of OASIS-D there came lots of changes to the structure of the OASIS Data Set as well as the introduction to brand new GG items and J items. Guidance for completion of some M items was changed and MANY M items have been eliminated. This workshop will cover changes to the OASIS including detail guidance on completing these items. Value Based Purchasing (VBP) is alive and happening in nine states and of course impacts reimbursement. The VBP measures are directly derived from OASIS and CAHP surveys and each of these items with detail for completion will be reviewed. This workshop will also cover the day to day OASIS relationship in terms of reimbursement and address the coming changes with HHGM, including each of the items that impacts the HIPPS code calculation. This workshop is a must for all involved in the completion and review of OASIS-D documentation and for the decision makers that must use OASIS-D data and outcomes to manage the agency!

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

1. Detail the Significant Changes that will occur with OASIS-D implementation
2. Itemize the specific OASIS items that impact the Value Based Purchasing Pilot (VBP) and discuss guidance surrounding.
3. List the OASIS Items that have been eliminated from the data set.
4. Calculate a HIPPS code based on the case mix structure surrounding Home Health PPS, using the OASIS-D Items.
5. Discuss the guidance for the new GG & J items that have added to OASIS-D.