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Building a Successful QAPI Program

Speaker(s): Sharon Litwin, Senior Manager of Coding & Clinical Consulting

Category: Speaking Engagement

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Building a Successful QAPI Program Aug 10
10:30 am - 1:00 pm CST
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About the Event

An Effective Hospice Quality Program is a key component to a well-run organization! This session will focus on understanding the hospice QAPI CoP and knowing the rules for the condition. We will detail the steps for building a successful QAPI program as well as developing action plans to ensure your agency’s QAPI program is effective. You will learn how utilizing your hospice QAPI program to the fullest will improve your agency’s compliance and performance.


1. Understand the Hospice QAPI Condition of Participation
2. Explain how to build a successful QAPI program
3. Define how to identify QAPI indicators to monitor