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2020 OAHC Virtual Annual Conference

Speaker(s): Melinda A. Gaboury, CEO

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2020 OAHC Virtual Annual Conference Nov 03
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About the Event

Join us November 3rd for OAHC’s virtual conference. Participate in live webinars by knowledgeable speakers on the topics you need most without leaving your home or office. Education sessions will be recorded and included with your registration.

Speaker: CEO, Melinda A. Gaboury
November 3, 2020 | 11:20AM – 12:20 PM | PDGM: Revenue Cycle Management Changes

The most significant change in Homecare Reimbursement in 20 years went into effect January 2020. The Patient Driven Groupings Model – PDGM is complicated, confusing and overwhelming. CMS has provided some data on the revenue impacts and new PDGM components, but there is more to be considered. Revenue Cycle, from beginning to end, will require changes to adapt. Preparing now is essential in being prepared for the PDGM onslaught.

*Outline how agencies will need to consider process changes in their revenue cycle as a result of PDGM
*Provide a Checklist RAP & Final billing and details of both
*Outline potential strategies for process revisions and adjustments to achieve a successful revenue cycle transition under PDGM
*Outline billing process changes required by PDGM

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM | PDGM: Coding, OASIS & Physician Records

The most significant change in Homecare Reimbursement in 20 years went into effect January 2020. At the forefront of the Patient Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) is the clinical assessment and ICD-10 coding of the patient chart. Understanding the impact of coding and the OASIS-D1 Functional scoring is imperative. This session will take you through the crucial aspects of the clinical assessment, coding and confirming the information needed is received from the physician.

1. Review of the key OASIS-D1 items that drive the Functional Scoring under PDGM
*Outline the ADL items and scoring
*Review the imperative nature of interdisciplinary collaboration in responding to these items

2. Review the key elements of ICD-10 coding under PDGM
*Outline the needed elements from the physician record
*Detail the calculation of the coding calculation for PDGM
*Review changes of primary in subsequent 30-day periods.

3. Review the impact of physician involvement in the PDGM model
*Outline the timeliness of orders being signed and returned
*Detail the relationship between orders and medical review
*List the key elements of physician records in the home health chart